Do I need a snowboard lesson? A quick guide

12th January 2020

Do I need a snowboard lesson? A quick guide

Do I need a snowboard lesson? This is one of the questions we get asked a lot and our answer is always “Yes”

Now, we’re not just saying this because we’re instructors. We’re saying this because we love snowboarding and want you to love it too.

We believe that having snowboard lessons will make your snowboarding experience more enjoyable, safer and more fun than just giving it a go by yourself so we’ve put together this little guide to answer some of the questions we’re asked on a regular basis.

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Can you snowboard without lessons?

Yes, of course you can. Will it be as much fun? Probably not.

Snowboarding looks easy. The video edits of people effortlessly cruising down the slopes make many people think “how hard can it be?”

This is awesome because we want everyone to get in on how much fun snowboarding is but you can’t see what they’re doing to make the board move.

Sure, you can take yourself to the slopes, watch what everyone’s doing and try to figure it out yourself but you’ll probably end up bruised, tired and frustrated. And possibly, even worse, tempted to abandon snowboarding and turn to skiing.

Getting a lesson or two will give you that all important foundation and make your snowboarding feel so much easier.

Are snowboard lessons worth it?

Think back to the last time one of your nearest and dearest tried to teach you something. Maybe learning to drive…

Chances are it started out well before descending into the levels of frustration and stress usually reserved for untangling the Christmas tree lights. It usually ends with crosswords and people not speaking to each other.

Just us? Didn’t think so.

Snowboard instructors have patience. They’re professionals. They know how to break snowboarding down and explain it in a way that will make sense to you. 

What works for one person might not work for someone else. Your  snowboard instructor will have a whole bag of tricks to get you progressing in a fun and safe way. They won’t (the good ones at least) just keep repeating the same instruction at you and expect you to do it. 

Having snowboard lessons gives a structure to your learning. It will help you to progress easier and faster than figuring it out yourself.

How many snowboard lessons do I need?

If you’re a complete beginner then usually around 6 hours of snowboard lessons will get you to a point where you’re comfortable turning on the beginner slopes. That’s less than a day at work!

It is a good idea though to spread lessons out over a few days so that you can practice in between lessons and get the most out of them. It’s always worth speaking to your instructor after your first lesson to see what they suggest.

Of course, the number of lessons that you need will be different to your friends, your partner, and that guy at the bar. It  comes down to what suits you and your way of learning.

Are snowboard lessons just for beginners?

Not at all! We are all always learning.

Once you’ve got the basics dialled you’ll be cruising around the slopes all day. If you’re happy with that, we’re happy with that. However, if you want to take your snowboarding up a notch then a lesson is a great way to progress quicker.

A snowboard lesson can be a really good idea on the first or second day of your holiday. That way, instead of spending all week getting frustrated because you’re slipping out on the steeps, or losing your confidence because something just doesn’t feel right, you can get some pointers early on and have a much more enjoyable week.

Shred the mountain, don’t slide it.

What kind of snowboard lesson should I book?

Similar to figuring out how many lessons you need, the type of snowboard lesson to book is down to personal preference.

Group lessons are great if you want to meet other people 

These tend to run over a week and provide a really social way to learn and improve. Progression in a group will always be at the lowest level of the group however after the first couple of days this tends to even out and an experienced instructor will be able to make sure everyone is always improving.

Private lessons are great if you learn better in a one to one environment

Progression will always be at your pace, and in a private lesson you get to focus on exactly what your snowboarding needs. Although private lessons are usually one to one, you can normally add a second person so if you want to learn with your mate and can’t manage group lessons they can be a good option.

Another thing to consider when it comes to booking lessons is duration

You’ve probably seen intense ‘learn to ride in a day’ courses and, while they work for some, they’re too much for a lot of people.

Snowboarding is a physical sport and quite tiring when you’re starting out. There’s a lot of sitting down, standing up, skating around and dealing with lifts. Not to mention actually snowboarding!

Having a few more short lessons may suit you better than one long lesson. It also lets you factor in that all important practice time so you can get the most out of your next lesson.

Skill specific lessons

Another option is skill specific lessons such as freestyle, backcountry or training for competition or instructor exams.

These kind of skills can be done as private lessons but are often taught in week long snowboard camps. Camps combine the social element of group lessons with focused progression and supporting activities on and off the slopes.

As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when you are booking snowboarding lessons but there’s something for everyone. If you’ve got more questions or would like to book a snowboard lesson with us, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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