Tips for your first mountain snowboarding trip

29th December 2019

Tips for your first mountain snowboarding trip

Domes and drylsopes are fun but the REAL snowboarding happens in the mountains! If this is your first time snowboarding in a resort, here are some tips to make sure you’re mountain ready.

Check the weather 

The weather can change a lot in the mountains. Just because it’s warm and sunny in Morzine it doesn’t mean it’ll be warm once you’re on the slopes or sitting on a chairlift.

A quick look out of the window is a good starting point although may be misleading. It might be gloomy in resort but sunny above the clouds. It’s always worth checking the mountain weather reports and webcams before setting off for the day. 


Once you know what the weather’s expected to be, make sure you’re kitted out properly and your equipment is in good order. Spend a couple of minutes in the morning to make sure that your board and boots are in good condition. 

If this is your first time snowboarding in the mountains then a simple hoodie won’t cut it. Layering and good socks are key to an enjoyable day snowboarding. It is also worth spending a little bit more money on clothing that is designed for snowboarding. This will help you stay warm and dry on the mountain, whatever the weather throws at you.

Remember: an extra layer is never a bad idea, don’t forget your googles or sunglasses, and always wear sunscreen!

Food & drink

It’s important to keep your energy levels up and stay hydrated when you’re snowboarding. 

To keep you going throughout the day, start off with a good breakfast and then pack plenty of pocket snacks for a quick bite on the lifts.

If you’re stopping for lunch, there are picnic areas around the resort where you can take your own lunch if you’re keeping an eye on your budget. The newest one is in Lindarets bowl, near the top of the Ardent gondola.

You’ll also find loads of cafes and restaurants tucked away on the slopes if you fancy something hot. Whatever you do for lunch, just make sure you have some water in amongst the vin chaud or beers!

Map / location

Make sure you know where you’re going!  It seems obvious but it’s too easy to follow other people or misread piste markers and suddenly you’re on a slope that’s too difficult or at a lift miles away from where you’re meeting everyone.

You can pick up piste maps at all the ticket desks in resort. You’ll also find big maps by some of the lifts.  Remember the name of the lift you’re on, or heading to, and look out for the signs on your way down to keep you in the right direction.

You can also access the Portes du Soleil piste map online or download it to your phone from the official Portes du Soleil website.

Where to meet

Make sure you know when and where to meet your instructor so you can get there in plenty of time.

REAL Snowboard lessons start at the top of the Pleney Gondola in Morzine, or the top of the Prodains Express in Avoriaz. These lifts are both walk on so you can get to your lesson without worrying about getting on a chairlift!

When you book lessons with us, we will send you confirmation of the lesson time and location a week before your lesson date so you have plenty of time to plan your day.

Remember to arrange with others in your group where you’ll meet them after your lesson and make sure you all have a working phone, just in case something changes.

Now all that’s left to do is enjoy the stunning mountain scenery and have a fantastic snowboarding holiday! 

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