backside boardslide

How to Boardslide

8th April 2020

How to Boardslide

How to boardslide on a snowboard

One of the first tricks that you can learn on a snowboard is a backside boardslide. You must first be comfortable snowboarding around the mountain and turn with confidence. After becoming intermediate or above at turning a snowboard you may then ask yourself the question; how to boardslide on a snowboard. 

Freestyle snowboarding isn’t for everyone but the natural stages of snowboarding will always go towards some sort of basic freestyle snowboarding. It is our recommendation that you practice basic freestyle snowboarding therefore you can understand more movements on a snowboard.

Many winters of teaching snowboarding has lead us to understand what a learner needs to progress in. For us there are two categories that stand out within a persons ability. People who have never done freestyle snowboarding and people who can snowboard but don’t want to learn the freestyle element. We are not saying everyone needs to learn freestyle snowboarding but what we are saying is that everyone needs to be aware of what the body is doing above their snowboard. 

To achieve the desired results of knowing what the body is doing in a multiple of scenarios with a snowboard we urge you to predict and practice. This simply means that where possible you predict and practice a movement by learning in a safe environment. Knowing the fundamentals will in achieve better performance and a reactive snowboarder.

For us, a safe environment for kicker training is on a trampoline with or without a trampoline specific snowboard. To learn rail and box tricks we use our ‘at home, how to snowboard’. This brings us to our quarantine series of using the snowboard addiction or a homemade version. If you are not sure how to setup this at home see our pilot episode to get ideas.

Without further chat let us present to you a tutorial we made during our coronavirus isolation lockdown

Tutorial of how to learn a boardslide during the coronavirus lockdown
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