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Prepare to Pass with REAL snowboarding

February 3rd – 7th 2020




Work your way to the top of the British Association of Snowsports Instructors pathway
Give yourself the best chance to pass your next BASI course
Train more efficiently and effectively with a training schedule from current BASI snowboard trainers


basi snowboarding
REAL Snowboarding instructor Dave on a recent BASI Snowboard course in China

REAL snowboarding, ran by two of the newest and most current BASI snowboard trainers, are running a level 3 performance training snowboard week. 

The week will be shaped around developing your riding to match the performance indicators (PIA) of a BASI level 3 Technical Exam – one of the toughest exams in professional snowboard instruction.

You will be riding with like-minded riders looking to achieve the same goal – this is the prefect environment to push your boundaries and improve your riding.

You will be under the watchful eyes of 2 BASI trainers and the rest of the REAL snowboarding team, we know what it take to pass and we want to help you get there!

Through the week you should expect to push your limits in all strands (Piste, Off-piste, Park) identifying weaker areas of your riding and know how to fix them.  You will receive honest daily video analysis – allowing you to understand your own riding and ways to improve.

You will receive an individual action plan to continue training, safe in the knowledge of exactly what to work on in preparation for your BASI level 3 Technical Exam.

Boost your confidence. Avoid repeating expensive exams. Go in and pass first time.

The 5 day week will be split between half day and full day coaching sessions, this allows for the very important practice time – for new movement patterns to settle in.

Prepare to Pass with REAL snowboarding

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