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Off snow snowboard training

6th April 2020

Off snow snowboard training

With the Coronavirus (Covid-19) taking over the world we are in times of the unknown. The local mountain of Morzine and Avoriaz closed and police restrictions came into place on March 16th 2020 with check points on every corner in the village.

Since the closure of Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Gets we have been left thirsty for snowboarding. One solution during this time is to find a way to do off snow snowboard training.

Snow capped mountains are teasing our minds about snowboarding and it won’t stop anytime soon. We can see the Nyon peak, a local mountain perfectly perched above the tree-line from the office window.  We have mind snowboarded this peak every morning during self isolation. Gazing upon this beautiful peak with its melting snow it got us thinking, why are we not snowboarding?

In Morzine we are sticking to the rules and not going further than 1km from the house. If we all work together it will contain the spread of this awful virus. Despite feeling confined within our own home we’re lucky to have a garden and some space to work with. Regardless of no snow we can find a way to do off snow snowboard training to keep the mind and body occupied.

The temperature has been a consistent 18 degrees and when you are a 1000m in altitude it feels like an easy mid 20s. T-shirts on, suncream all over the face we set ourselves a mission to practice rail tricks. The idea was to provide you with a solution to practice snowboarding alongside us. We grabbed our snowboards, put our snowboard boots on and went snowboarding, in isolation.

Quarantined Snowboarding to keep developing those tricks you didn’t get time to learn this winter.

Stay tuned for tutorials dropping in the next few days which can be found on our Instagram page or just refresh this page

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