5th March 2019


There are few things sweeter than a quick snack on your favourite chairlift. We’re all fond of oat bars for the essential shred energy, but sometimes, we just want a warm, pocket squashed pain au chocolat.

What kind of chairlift snacker are you?

The sweet tooth

Everyone’s best friend on the chairlift, you’ve always got a bag of Haribo stashed somewhere in your jacket to dish out. Smurfs one day, Star Mix the next. 

The cereal survivalist

You never leave the house without a cereal bar. Just in case. For you it’s somewhere between a healthy snack and a chocolate bar, the substance you crave to keep hunger at bay between shreds. These’ll last for weeks, so no worry of overstocking your pockets.

The chalet sneak-thief

What’s in your pocket today? Whatever was for breakfast at the chalet, obvs. For most of you, this just means a croissant wrapped in cling-film, but for truly ambitious snackers this can be anything from salopette-scrambled eggs to last night’s tartiflette in a baguette. 

The hasty pastry

Danish, croissant, pain au chocolat, apple turnover. It’s all good. Scoffing down a tasty pastry from the boulangerie on the chairlift is your favourite, and best of all, you can quickly brush off the evidence before you get to the top. So why not have two?

The protein pro

SKI. LIFT. SNACK. GYM. EAT. SLEEP. REPEAT. Ever conscious of the delicate balance of protein your body craves, you always make sure to top up with your favourite protein bar on the hill. 

The bag-o-baguettes

Overzealous snowboard shop assistants will bore you with technical jargon and the latest trendy materials, when all you really want to say is “yeah, but will it fit a baguette in the pockets?”.

Whatever you munch on the mountain, book your beginner, improver, intermediate, or private lessons with REAL Snowboarding on your next winter holiday to Morzine, Avoriaz, and Les Gets, and learn to ride (and snack) the REAL way.

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