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Local Freestyle Club 2023

Saturday Freestyle Snowboard Club

New for 2023, we are accepting sign-ups for our REAL Snowboarding Freestyle Snowboard Club!

We want to encourage snowboarding locally and until now we’ve only had a select amount of people make up our team. This year we want to open up our freestyle snowboard club to everyone who lives locally. We guarantee fun, friends, and progression.


As this is a freestyle snowboard club the coaching sessions will be predominately in the snowpark, understanding features, working on trick progression, and becoming an all-around safer snowboarder in the freestyle discipline. Dedicating this time to the snowpark with expert coaching will progress the ability and knowledge of the student to become more fluent in this area of snowboarding.

If you have any questions and want to know if this option is the best choice for you this winter then get in touch!

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