Group Snowboard Lesson Morzine

Group Snowboard Lessons

Have fun and learn to snowboard with other students!

If you are visiting Morzine or Avoriaz and thinking about joining a group snowboard lesson then you are in the right place! Not only is it fun to snowboard but you share the experience with others people who are really enthusiastic to learn also! REAL Snowboarding’s group snowboard lessons are a cost effective way of learning to snowboard and by the end of the week you will have new friends and be able to snowboard.

Maximum class activity

Nobody is left out at REAL Snowboarding. We teach in such a way that everyone is learning at the same time in the same place and together. The focus is always on progression of your ability and learning and it is taught in a fun manor while promoting individual style and establishing confidence throughout each person within the group.

Be safe, learn to snowboard the real way

It’s not the wild west up in the mountains therefore safety is a key element at REAL Snowboarding. We want you to feel safe and that comes from knowing what you are doing, trusting your instructor and building confidence.

Quality over quantity

We are a small team at REAL Snowboarding because we are the best and we only employ the best. We believe in quality of lessons, to make them safe, fun, enjoyable and an experience to never forget.

How does it work?

It’s simple, 4 days from Monday through until Thursday for 2 hours each morning.

Our group snowboard lessons run in Morzine or Avoriaz depending on demand.

Same students, same instructor and same meeting point each day. Progression, fun and establishing confidence is guaranteed.

We have a maximum amount of 6 people per group and usually require a minimum of 4 people to run the group.

If you are enquiring for 3 or more people send us a message and we may be able to create a private group if you would like.

Price Overview


4 DAYS – 2 Hours each day


5 DAYS – 2 Hours each day

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