stop motion animation of snowboarding and surfing

Stop Motion Snowboarding

23rd April 2020

Stop Motion Snowboarding

During our quarantine series we have decided to create a stop motion snowboarding edit. If you haven’t seen the stop motion edit already please find it below. If you are a YouTube user subscribe to our channel here.

Stop motion is a great way to add a twist to snowboard videos and the creativity that surrounds this great sport. Our snowboard video is easier than you think however it is important to plan ahead! For this edit we created a story board of the scene we wanted to create. After deciding and visualising the movements we then searched for our props. A white sheet from the washing basket was user to portray snow, an old blue tarp from the garden was our water. Adding in these props to highlight snow, water or even sky really brings the soul of a video out.

Once we introduced the blue tarp we wanted to put surfing into our video as its a natural sport alongside snowboarding. We absolutely love surfing at REAL Snowboarding and therefore it was natural for us to incorporate this into the stop motion snowboard video.

How to shoot our stop motion

We took a photo, moved a little and then took another photo. The movement is almost like acting out a scene of walking in slow motion. This is the basics of a stop motion. You then piece the images together in a timeline on a program like Adobe Premier Pro which will then create your video.

Everything was planned and the camera was set up in a birds eye view position. This meant that it was above us on the balcony. If you make a mistake in stop motion you then have to find it within hundreds or even thousands of images. We didn’t want this hassle so we knew it was one sequence of shooting, start to finish. The reason for doing this is once you have finished you can drag and drop your images into premier and they are already in order.

Once all of your photos are in the timeline you select them all, right click and set the duration to .200 of a second. We found that this was the best speed to make the animation fun to watch without being to slow and lagged.

There you have it, a snowboarding and surfing stop motion animation. Check it out below and please share it if you love it and like it if you appreciate it!

Stop motion animation of snowboarding and surfing

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