frontside boardslide on a snowboard

How to Frontside Board slide or Frontside Nose slide

21st April 2020

How to Frontside Board slide or Frontside Nose slide

A frontside board slide and a frontside nose slide are two different tricks because they use different parts of the snowboard. More than often they will find themselves under the front foot while doing so.

Why go under the front foot?

The front foot offers you more balance and stability it is that simple. Many people consider a true frontside boardslide to be between the bindings meaning it is exactly between your bindings. At REAL Snowboarding we love all snowboard tricks, some more than others but we are avid fans of having a frontside boardslide both under your front foot and between your bindings. This is simply because they are two different tricks therefore we can appreciate both of them separately.

What is counter rotation on a snowboard?

As our tutorial explains you must create counter rotation in order to be aligned and ‘stacked’ over your snowboard. To be stacked means to be balance over your snowboard in its optimum position with good posture. Many people when doing a frontside boardslide for the first time will twist their shoulders in the direction of there board meaning they will keep rotation while on the feature. In order to stop the board and body from over rotating and essentially going into another trick you must stop this continuous rotation. This is where counter rotation comes into your toolbox.

Practice your snowboarding

Practice with or without your snowboard on in a flat area. If you jump in the air and turn your board one way try to go the opposite with your upper body. By doing this you are essentially creating a shift but landing still in that shifty position. The torsion and wind-up you creating in your torso will allow you to become balance and potentially able to spin our of this frontside boardslide in the future.

Learn to counter rotate on your snowboard with a frontside noseslide / boardslide
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