Pretzel snowboard tricks on a snowboard

Pretzel on a snowboard

10th April 2020

Pretzel on a snowboard

Improve your freestyle snowboarding even more now you are performing backside boardslides. It’s time to learn a Pretzel on a snowboard and improve your freestyle snowboarding even more. It doesn’t matter if you’re learning off snow and in the house during the coronavirus lockdown. The aim of our quarantine series is to enable everyone to practice anywhere. Broadening your knowledge of snowboard tricks is very important because it will ensure you are safe when attempting on snow. 

When it comes to improving your freestyle snowboarding there are many avenues to take. A focus within your freestyle snowboarding can be on jumps however during quarantine and without a trampoline this can be difficult. 

For these tutorials we have focused on box and rail snowboard tricks that you can learn during the coronavirus lockdown. We want to jazz up the performance and introduce a rotation to your skillset. A simple spin out of a box and rail trick can vastly improve your snowboarding. 

The next trick in our tutorial is introducing a Pretzel. The reason why it is named a Pretzel is because you spin out the opposite direction you jumped into the trick, it’s that simple. 

To get an in-depth visual at this Pretzel trick have a look at our tutorial below.

Learn to Pretzel on a snowboard and improve your freestyle snowboarding

If you would like to receive coaching with any of our Instructors in Morzine visit our freestyle lessons page .

How do we visit Morzine for a snowboard lesson?

Our snowboard lessons run in the resorts of Morzine, Avoriaz and Les Gets. This is only 1 hour transfer from Geneva airport making it the most accessible resort in the world from an International airport.

Arriving in Morzine is very easy as most accommodation providers such as More Mountain provide transfers to and from the airport therefore you only need an EasyJet flight.

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